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Tensions spill over: Israel, Hezbollah exchange fire along northern border

IDF thwarts terror attack, infiltration attempt by Hezbollah cell at northern border

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The Israeli army says that "tense days are ahead" after it thwarted an attempted attempt by Hezbollah to fire a missile at an Israeli tank and infiltrate across the northern border on Monday.

The attempted attack came after a week of simmering tensions and a build up of Israeli military presence on the northern border.

The exchange of fire took place at Har Dov, in the far northern reaches of the Upper Galilee that also borders Syria and is known as Shebaa Farms.   The army said no Israelis were injured in the incident.

“We are in a complicated security incident," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after being briefed on the situation.

The Homefront Command ordered roads closed residents to stay inside their homes or shelters for about an hour until the situation was under control.

The IDF struck sites in Lebanon in the area near Mount Hermon, according to Lebanese media.

This incident appears to be the boiling over of simmering tensions between Israel and Hezbollah over the past week. Hezbollah, the terror group based in southern Lebanon, accused Israel of killing one of its fighters in a strike in Syria last week and promised it would retaliate.

“The IDF is prepared for any scenario. We work in all arenas for Israel's security - close to our borders and far from our borders,” Netanyahu said minutes before the incident began.

On Friday, Israel deployed additional troops, including intelligence operatives, to the region, “with the goal of strengthening defenses along the northern border.”

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